Principal's Message

Welcome to GHSS jamrud website. This website is designed to guide you during virtual tour of our university. The world is preceeding towards globalization at a dramatic pace. The rapid development of IT and modern sciences has helped tremendously in bringing world closer to the globalization and have made our life easy and comfortable. It must be noted that all kind of positve advancements, economic prosperity, social-political stability, human and ethical developments where scientific development and IT plays a vital role are directly linked with Islamic Doctrine. Hence In order to fulfill our responsibilities we have to work objectively towards achieving excellence in all spheres of Human interactions.Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center provides educational opportunities to you at best of ots capacities. Our Mission mandates for us to produce a new generation of Pakistanis who are dedicated to the Academic, Economic, Scientific and Technological development of their homeland in the light of Islamic Teachings. The center is justifiably proud of its achievements in imparting knowledge and evelopment skills to its students with ethical morals. It provides research oriented environment for quality education, research and learning through its state-of-the-art facilities; Comfortable Research and Study Rooms, Well Equipped Computer Laboratories, Advanced Syllabi and highly qualified teaching and coaching staff. We eith earnest interest and diligence provide all these resources to you for flourishing your potentials with expectations that you may play your constructive role for the development of Pakistan and bring prosperity to the humanity without the discrimination of race, culture, colour and belief. On your flourishing future our better future depends. May ALLAH's grace be with you. AMEEN

Your Sincerely

Principal - GHSS Jamrud.