Examination Rules

  1. Each semester is of 18 weeks duration; out of which 16 weeks are reserved for teaching and two weeks for examination.
  2. There are two terms/tests in one semester i.e. Mid Term Test (8 weeks of teaching +9th Seek for examination) and Final trm Test (8 weeks of teaching + 18th Week for examination).
  3. "Credit Hour" menas teaching a theory class of 01 hour and labratory/practical work of 02 hours or a field work of once day every week throughout the semester.
  4. A course that is counted in calculation of GPA/CGPA is called 'Credit Course', while a course that is mandatory to pass bult is not counted in calculating GPA/CGPA is called 'Non-Credit Course'.
  5. Marks Distribution
    1. Mid Term Marks: 30%
    2. Quizzes/Assignments/Presentation/Attendance/Labrat ory: 20%
    3. Final Term: 50%
  6. Mid term Exam Composition
    1. Duration: 90 Minutes
    2. 10 Objective type Questions: Marks 10 (01 Marks each)
    3. 02 Essay Type Questions: Marks 20 (10 Marks each)
  7. Final term Exam Composition
    1. Duration: 02 Hours
    2. 10 Objective Type Questions: Marks 20 (02 Marks each)
    3. 03 Essay Type Questions: Marks 30 (10 Marks each)
  8. The final term paper shall cover 20% from Mid Term and 80% from the Final term courses.
  9. Attendance Requirement
    1. A minimum of 75% attendance of the lectures delivered in each course will be prerequisite to appear in examinations.
    2. A student who does not satisfy the requirements of attendance (at least 75% in each course) shall be ineligible to appear for the final term examination of that course. And he/she shall repeat that course as regular student whenever it is offered again.
  10. RepeatCourses
    1. If a student was not allowed to take the examination of any subject due to shortage of attenance in that subject, he/she shall be required to register himself/herself in that subject whenever offered again, attend the classes regurlary and reappear in examination.
  11. Improvement of Grades:
    1. A student desirous of improving grades(s), from B or C, in selected course(s) may be allowed by the head of the relevant Department, with information to tothe Controller of Examination, after declaration of the result of the Final Semester (end of program).
    2. Such improvements shall be allowed for not more than four courses, and shall be done withing two semesters after declaration of the result of the Final Semester
    3. On improving subject, if one gets the grade less than the previous, the previous grade will be counted towards his passing.
    4. Attendance will not be mandatory n the course for which one has registered for improvement of grades. Nevertheless, it will be the sole responsibllity of the concerned student to coordinate with the subject teacher regarding class quiz assignment, presentation etc.
  12. Makeup Examination:
    1. Makeup test will be given on the rquest of those students who have fullfilled all requirments for appearing in the Mid/Final Term Examination but could not appear for any gunine reason or due to attending national/internationl event on behalf of the University.
    2. Make-up Examination will be conducted within 2 weeks of the end of the semester.
    3. The pattern of questions and weightage of the Makeup Examination shall remain similar to that of the Mid/Final Term Examination.
    4. Students appearing in the Makeup examination will be charged with double examination fee.
    5. Any student failing in the Makeup Examination shall be required to re-register for the same semester as and when that semester in future.
    6. There will be no makeup/special examination in a semester for failed students; if a student fails in a course, he/she is rquired to repeat it.
    7. For promotion the following conditions apply:
      1. For promotion to the next semester a student will be required to pass 50% of the courses taken. In case of odd number of courses taken 50% will imply higher whole number (e.g. in case the number of courses taken are 3,5 or 7, the corresponding number of papers required for promotion to the next smester shall be 2,3 or 4). The course not passed in the first atempt will have to be repeated whenever offered again and passed accordingly.
      2. If a student's CGPA falls below 2.0, he/she will be promoted (conditionaly) and will be put on 1st Probation for the next semester.
      3. If the studnet does not come out by increasing his/her CGPA to 2.0, he/she will go on Last Probation.
      4. If the student who was earlier on the last probation, does not come out by achieving the minimum desired CGPA, he/she will be dropped from the institute and can not be readmitted by the same institute.
      5. Whenever a student fails or gets a 'F' grade, he/she has to repeat the course, whenever offered in future. The maximum number of courses that student may be allowed to repeat will be six (6).
  13. Award of Degree: Minimum requirement for the award of Four-Year BA/BS degress shall be a CGPA of 2.5.