Facilities in G.S.A.A.H.S.S.Jamrud

The Center is housed in a purpose-building and the following services are available in the Szic:

Language Lab

The Center has a State of the art language Lab for Arabic and English Languages. The Language Lab is air conditioned, equipped with multimedia, projector and Upgraded Computers Technology .

Society for Computer- Based Islamic Research (SCIR)

This Society was established in the year 1997. The main objective of this society is to enable the students to carry out computer-based research projects of Islamic Studies. This will hopefully helpful for the Centre to form a team that will be used to develop “Islamic Information System”.

Computer Society

The computer society of the centre was established in 1996, to enhance the creativity among students and to provide an environment that enables the students to keep their knowledge up to date in the field of computer studies. For this, society arranges lectures, seminars and software exhibitions.


The Air Conditioned auditorium has the capacity of 500 persons. Due to its extensive facilities, it facilitates arranging meetings of the Conferences, Seminars and other activities etc.

Conference Room

The Air Conditioned Conference Room has the capacity of 200 persons. Due to its extensive facilities, it held meetings of the Conferences, Seminars etc.


A proper library with an office and a reading room was established to enhance library activities. The Air Conditioned Library of the Center has accumulated a vast collection of material on Islamic literature such as Tafsir, Hadith, Sirah, Fiqh and Sufism etc. Many books and magazines on Computer Studies are also available.

Computer Lab

Computer labs and facilities are available to Szic students for study, learning and research purposes. The Computer lab has 50 computers. There are black and color printers.

Lab Rules
Ensure that your mobile phone is switched off.
Respect other students who are studying.
Do not Eat or drink in labs.
Do not View material which may offend others
Do not Hack or download copyright music.
Do not Remove chairs from the Lab.


In order to facilitate Islamic Teaching and the observance of the five obligatory prayers, there is a mosque situated at the University campus. In the mosque there are facilities for daily as well as for Friday prayers. The Center has a fully carpeted, beautiful mosque, that possesses all the facilities that are needed by any mosque. It has capacity for 600 persons. A full time "Imam" and a full time "Moazzin" are appointed for the mosque by the Center.


The University has well-furnished Cafeteria on Campus. Here the students eat and chat to get refreshed. A committee that ensures quality food items supervises the Cafeterias Food items are supplied to the students at reasonable and affordable rates. The Girls Cafeteria is also available in a campus.


Due to space constraints, no parking facility for cars and other vehicles can be provided by the University. Only limited facility is available for motorcycles and bicycles. Parents are advised to arrange pick and drop services for their children and discourage car use. However, in case car use is unavoidable, a local car park is available behind the campus. Students are advised to use this local parking facility.
Car parking in front of the University is strictly prohibited due to following reasons:

1. It is a No Parking Area.
2. It is a security hazard.
3. It creates traffic jams.
4. Many vehicles have been stolen from there.
University takes no responsibility for the vehicles parked anywhere.